How Do I Define Branding?

  • Having a strong brand is what enables you to pivot, shift and change to ensure you’re relevant and an industry leader 

What’s the point of building a brand?

  • You will love doing work that you are emotionally connected to knowing it matters
  • Be passionate and excited about the work you do


  • If you have a message, idea or product learn how you can share it
  • An authentic engaging brand has power and purpose behind it

Personally Connecting With Your Brand

  • Have confidence in everything you post because you know WHY you are posting it
  • Definitions = Freedom

For the past two and a half years I’ve been taking note of what it takes to create an awesome brand, what I did right, what other people have done right, what I wish I would have done, but most importantly, I’ve spent a lot of time figuring out how to teach others how to do it–effectively and universally.

I’ve used my 10+ years of experience of having skin in the game, as well as my degree in advertising in conjunction with experience as a consultant for multi-million dollar companies—to create easy, accessible, and actionable content for Alison’s Brand School. I’m all about empowering entrepreneurs with heart to build a brand that can support their dreams.

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